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3 Basic Levels of Long term Care

In some cases, long-term care insurance policies subsidize three basic levels of long term care.

The first one is skilled care, which has the purpose of treating illnesses and injuries. It has to be prescribed by a physician and performed by licensed medical personnel as well as professional therapists and registered nurses, who establish treatment plans for the patients and work according to them.

The next level of long term care is the intermittent and rehabilitative, which is considered an intermediate care level. Services are provided by registered or licensed practical nurses and nurse’s aides, who work under the supervision of a physician.

Finally, the third level of long term care is custodial care, which is designed to assist with people`s daily activities, including, eating, bathing and getting dressed. This type of care can be provided employees without professional medical skills, if their activity is supervised by a physician.Rosemark At Mayfair Park

Long term care can be provided in different facilities such as esteemed Rosemark At Mayfair Park, but also at home. However, most of the services are provided in nursing homes, where patients can be permanently kept under observation, especially if their care includes physical and/ or intravenous therapy. Home health care makes sense only if you are in the process of recovering from an injury/ illness and do not need 24-hour care.

The Best Way to Search for Premier Senior Living Options

Nowadays, the retirement market offers various premier senior living Denver options. They are not inexpensive, but let`s remember that baby boomers are the ones that reach the old age now, and they have more discretionary income than previous generations, so, naturally, they look for more upscale living facilities and services. People live longer nowadays and they look for the best ways to live a comfortable and safe life.

senior living Denver

National Seniors Housing reports reveal that premier senior living options gradually become seniors’ top demands, therefore they are leading new construction projects. As people live longer now, seniors are demand more options for premier retirement living. Here’s why premier senior living is fast becoming one of the top priorities.

There are more than 4000 retirement communities across the United States – and we are talking here only about independent living. When it comes to nursing home, they are more than 15,500. In this context, no matter where you live, it will not be difficult to find different senior living options. Just do an internet research and you can make a list of different types of facilities in your area. Premier facilities are not so numerous, but you should still be able to find some in your state. Do not hurry to settle on one; consider all the available choices and make a thorough evaluation before making up your mind.

What Kind of Care is Offered at a Skilled Nursing Facility

The terms “skilled nursing” often generates confusion. A patient who opts for skilled nursing services must not automatically be placed in a facility, although these services are also available in a variety of facilities offering senior care.

People who choose to age in place can benefit skilled nursing care in their homes and can be covered by Medicare, if they are prescribed by a doctor.Rosemark at Mayfair Park assisted living Denver

In general, skilled nursing care refers to a high level of medical care that must be provided by health professionals carrying a license. These services can be necessary for short term (rehabilitation from an injury or an illness) or long term (in the case of chronic medical conditions or degenerative diseases). There are also seniors who need more assistance than they can receive at home, so these must consider the transition to an assisted living facility. This way, they will still be able to maintain some level of independence, but get support with anything they need related to daily living. Besides skilled nursing services, patients get meals, medications, medical supplies, physical and occupational therapy, speech pathology services, ambulance transportation, dietary counseling and more, depending on the nursing facility. Contact Rosemark at Mayfair Park assisted living Denver professionals for their expertise on the best ways to care for seniors.

Key Questions to Ask Assisted Living Staff

If you are currently looking for a suitable Denver assisted living facilities for your relative, you are faced with lots of tasks, including the evaluation of the assisted living residences available. assisted living facilities Denver

The assessment process should involve not only seeing the apartments or rooms occupied by the residents and obtaining a description of the services available – you should find out as much as you can about what day-to-day life is like at the facility and the best source of information in that respect is the facility’s staff. Here are some things to find out:

  • The daily schedule – ask the staff about when and how the meals are served, how help is provided with daily chores, such as bathing and getting dressed, how the residents spend a typical day;
  • The general attitude of the staff – talk to as many nurses, doctors and other staff members as you can to get a general idea about how kind and helpful they are when they work with the elderly;
  • Qualifications – ideally, the assisted living facilities Denver staff is highly trained and receives ongoing training to improve the quality of the services provided. If your elderly loved one needs special care, such as physical therapy, talk to the staff member tasked with that to get an idea of how that part of the care-giving process is handled.

The Activities Offered in Senior Living Facilities

Life in a senior living facility is not a life of inactivity and isolation – most facilities offer a wide range of well-selected and carefully organized programs and activities that residents can take part in. Here are some senior living Denver activities that are enjoyed and appreciated by seniors:

  • Theatre shows – whether it is a drama or a musical show, stand-up comedy or other forms of stage performance, theatre evenings are very popular among the residents of senior living facilities;
  • Game evenings – the evenings that feature bingo, card games or board games are also very popular;
  • Creative activities – many seniors have creative hobbies, such as painting, drawing or pottery and many senior living facilities offer plenty of opportunities to pursue those hobbies;senior living Denver residents
  • Volunteering – elderly people have a wealth of knowledge and life experience that they are happy to pass on to people who need it and many senior living Denver residents are also happy to participate in volunteering activities that are not too strenuous from a physical point of view;
  • Learning to use modern technology – many facilities nowadays offer computer courses and courses that teach seniors to use modern communication devices. The courses are very popular because they make it easier for seniors to communicate with their loved ones.

Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Seniors

Although we live in a world that seems to be obsessed with the primacy of children, holidays are not just for them; they are for everyone, regardless the age, and we should acknowledge everyone`s right to celebrate in their own way. When it comes to Halloween, statistics show that adults spend 70% more money than kids for their own costumes and entertainment.

Senior living Denver activity coordinators plan Halloween events

Senior living Denver activity coordinators will offer lots of fun for Halloween, with various games and costumes that keep their imagination growing and alive regardless their age.

Here are our costume ideas for them.

Charlie Chaplin

This brilliant actor and director of the early 20th century also makes a fantastic Halloween costume. His iconic outfit as lovable vagabond is easy to set up (baggy pants, dress shirt, tie, bowler hat and, if course, the mustache!) and the owner will surely get lots of attention.

Uncle Sam

This costume is for those who like to show their American spirit this Halloween. It is quite easy to turn into Uncle Sam if you rent pinstriped pants, a blue jacket, red bowtie and a top hat with a patriotic design.

Hulk Hogan

Yeah, why not? Halloween is the best excuse to look like a professional wrestler, so Hulk it up! Put on some spandex pants, yellow boots, yellow wristbands, a cutoff t-shirt with fake muscles, a bandana, a  horseshoe mustache and call people Hulkamaniacs, while advising them to take their vitamins and say their prayers.