Skilled nursing facilities are somewhat different from other types of senior care homes. Here are some of the most important features of skilled nursing to help you decide whether this type of care is what your elderly loved one needs:

  • Rehabilitation – skilled nursing homes in Denver provide rehabilitative care for people who are recovering after an illness, an accident or after a surgery – people who do not need permanent care, but need assistance after having been treated in a hospital for an acute condition;

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  • The duration of stay – skilled nursing facilities being mostly for people recovering after hospital care, the stay of the patients who are enrolled in Medicare is covered for up to 100 days, but will incur some costs after the first 20 days of care. The residents who need skilled nursing care will be responsible for all costs after the first 100 days of care;
  • Care providers – while in a nursing home, the principal care givers are typically non-medical workers, skilled nursing facilities focus on the recovery of the residents, therefore the range of principle care givers is much more specialized and might include not only registered nurses, but medical doctors, rehabilitation specialists, speech pathologists and audiologists.