Succulents, such as aloe vera, cacti, even orchids, are great plants for seniors. These spectacular, famously low-maintenance plants thrive well even if they are not paid too much attention, but great looks and modesty are not the only features that make these plants suitable for the elderly:

  • They tolerate dry indoor air well for long periods;
  • They don’t require any special attention – succulents don’t need to be fertilized with special substances, what’s more, during their long dormant periods they need hardly any care at all;
  • They look great – most succulents are of a strong, healthy green color and when they bloom, they surprise and amaze with flowers of the most beautiful, bright colors, such as shades of red, orange, purple, white, yellow, even blue and pink;
  • They strive well anywhere in the home – whether you want to keep your succulent on the window sill, you want to hang it by a hook or you want to keep it on a shelf in the bookcase, the plant will thrive well and bring you lots of joy;
  • They clean the air – succulents are great for improving the quality of the air in the room by pulling contaminants to the roots of the plant and by keeping the humidity in the air at optimal levels.
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