skilled nursing facility Denver caretakers offer advice on how to stay in touch with elderly during covid isolation

The current lockdown has brought about lots of difficulties that we haven’t even imagined before, one of them being the inability to visit aging parents and taking care of them as we used to. The situation is difficult to cope with for everyone involved, but not impossible to solve – here are some tips from skilled nursing facility Denver caretakers:

  • Figure out the best method to stay in touch – phone calls and video calls are the two handiest methods. If your aging parents are familiar with video calls, you can enjoy longer, life-like conversations that feel very much like being together in the same space – if they are not, you can try to teach them how to use a simple video app;
  • Turn to your network of helpers – try to involve your parent’s neighbors or friends in the care process – it will be great relief for you to know that your parents are not completely alone in their home;
  • Figure out the best way for shopping – many stores today offer home delivery services, so you can buy everything your parents need and have the supplied delivered to their doorstep with a few clocks. If opening the door to take the deliveries is a problem, ask a neighbor to receive the deliveries and to take the shopping bags over to your parents.