ADVISORY — Help protect our residents.

If you have any respiratory symptoms, fever or have traveled to an area which is experiencing the Coronavirus please refrain from coming to Rosemark.

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Whether you’re a senior or you have a senior parent living in an assisted living facility, it’s very important to take proper precautions to protect yourself or your loved one from COVID. Seniors are among the most susceptible to the symptoms of the virus, and they need to be careful about the complications that could ensue, which can easily put their lives at risk.

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In assisted living centers, they are normally pretty strict about regulations, but it’s also up to each resident to stay safe. Meeting in groups is discouraged, and you have to wear a mask and maintain social distancing when interacting with those who may have traveled outside of the center. Assisted living Denver health systems experts recommend to maintain these precautions around anyone – even people that you know never left the senior center – since you don’t really know who they have come in contact with.

Aside from all that, it’s still very important to maintain a healthy schedule and diet, and to keep exercising and getting enough fresh air. Seniors who become sedentary are at high risk of cardiovascular problems and heart attacks, so even if the focus is mainly on COVID, it is very essential that you don’t ignore all the other aspects of your health either.