assisted living Denver options

If you need to find a facility for an aging loved one because living alone is no longer safe for your relative, you will see that the available senior living options offer various levels of care and also go by different names. The two main categories that you will find are nursing homes and assisted living facilities – here are some of the most important differences that set them apart:

  • Medical services – nursing homes provide round the clock medical care, therefore they are the best options for people who suffer from severe illnesses or conditions that make it impossible for them to take care of themselves, such as dementia. By contrast, assisted living facilities are for people who require custodial care in the form of some help moving around or assistance with daily chores, such as bathing or taking medication;

Facility layout – Because residents of nursing homes are more dependent upon care than the more independent assisted living Denver residents, nursing homes take a more hospital-like appearance, while assisted living places are usually comprised of individual apartments. In a nursing home, two or more residents might share a room, while in an assisted living home, the residents usually have an apartment for themselves