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senior living Denver facilities offer a variety of senior care options

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are both places that focus on providing their residents support, assistance with daily living and professional medical care, but there are significant difference between the two types of homes – here are some:

  • Services and care – while assisted living facilities are for residents who have difficulties handling daily tasks, but are in fairly good physical condition and don’t require any specialized assistance, nursing homes are for people who need round the clock care and suffer from complex medical conditions that require specialized attention and care, such as respiratory care;
  • The appearance of the facility – while nursing homes are very similar to hospital environments, assisted living facilities are more like an apartment community, with residents living in their own apartments where they can cook and handle daily tasks if they can and want to. Nursing homes usually have rooms shared by two or three residents, while assisted living facilities provide individual apartments or suites.

Whether the best choice for your elderly loved one is an assisted living facility or a nursing home depends on many factors, such as financial aspects, but the most important difference between the two types of senior living Denver facilities is the level of the care needed.