Gardening at Mayfair

Retirement typically allows people to have more control over their time; now, they can finally do whatever they want. A healthy mind in a healthy body should be your guiding phrase – and hobbies can help you reach this goal.

In senior care residences, like this one, popular hobbies include:


Painting is a relaxing art, especially since seniors can rediscover it in the company of their grandchildren. For starters, material costs are insignificant.

If you are passionate about reading, you can set up a book club where, in the company of some friends or acquaintances, you can read and discuss various authors.

Writing can be an activity that may even bring you a small income, if you become a blogger. Put your life stories on paper – and you might discover that you have some writing talent and people appreciate it!

Gardening and cooking

If you enjoy and have been praised for the cakes you make, you may want to try to make this a lucrative hobby. Quality always finds its customers. You can deliver the products yourself or try to distribute them through a store.

Working in the garden combines being active with the pleasure of being outdoors. If you do not have a garden, you can easily arrange one on your balcony, using different pots and seeds.