If your elderly loved one can no longer live alone and the decision has been made to move to a nursing home, the next hard task is picking the right home. If you talk to friends, coworkers and acquaintances, you will learn that there are many facilities in your area, but not all of them offer the same level of care, so you will need to visit and evaluate the available places very carefully to find the most suitable one. skilled nursing facility Denver

Here are three very important aspects to consider when examining and evaluating a skilled nursing facility Denver residence:

  • The services provided – if your loved one suffers from illnesses or conditions that require special care, such as diabetes or dementia, check whether the place you are evaluating is able to cater for those special needs. Checking the quality of the meals served to the residents and the cleanliness of the skilled nursing facility common areas as well as of the rooms is also essential;
  • The medical staff – the number of nurses and doctors in each shift is also essential, so make sure to find out how many professionals work at the facility and how they are distributed in shifts;
  • Talk to the residents – finding out the residents’ opinions about living in the facility is also important, so try to start conversations with them.