The effects of physical exercise on the body and mind is quite amazing. Aside from helping us feel revitalized, improving our overall health, and assisting us in releasing anything from fear and anxiety to high blood pressure, exercising also has the effect of improving memory.

exercise programs for elderlyOf course, you probably already know about games and mental exercises designed and used for that purpose. But here we’re strictly talking about physical exercises, which are normally considered to only work wonders on the body.

Nevertheless, using cardio exercises, for example, has been found to have a remarkable effect on the brain. Cardio helps to oxygenate the brain and gives your heart a workout, so it can pump blood more efficiently.

Yoga can also be great for improving memory. Many yoga postures and pranic breathing exercises have been found to have a remarkably positive effect on specific areas of the body. Some of the best memory-improving yoga postures include Bakasana (crane pose), Padmasana (lotus pose), Tadasana (tree stand pose) and Halasana (pillow pose).

Many nursing homes in Denver offer exercise programs, that are helpful to elderly residents. When using exercise to improve memory, it’s always best to use the most practical approach and also track your results and mix the exercises with mental workouts. That way, you can get the best possible results.