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Dementia is a general term, which is used to describe the decline in mental capacity. It is not a specific disease, but a general condition that refers to different symptoms associated with memory decline or other thinking abilities. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60% to 80% of cases. Vascular dementia may occur after a stroke and represents the second most common type of dementia. Additionally there are other conditions that may cause dementia symptoms, and some of them are reversible, such as vitamin deficiencies and thyroid problems. According to statistics, there are about 50 million dementia patients worldwide.retirement communities in Denver with memory care specialists

Problems with memory may be an early symptom of this condition. These changes are often subtle and tend to involve short-term memory. Thus, people who may develop dementia are able to remember what has happened to them years ago, but do not know what they ate at breakfast. When you first notice this symptom, it may be time to look for retirement communities in Denver with memory care specialists.

A subtle change in the ability to perform normal tasks can also be one of the first symptoms of dementia. In addition, these people struggle when it comes to learning new things or changing their routine.

In the early stages of dementia, confusion often occurs. When memory, thinking, or judgment become obsolete, people can no longer remember the faces of their loved ones, can no longer use the right words and cannot interact normally with others anymore.