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Denver assisted living facilities offer the opportunity for seniors, who are mostly alone, to enjoy their leisure time in an active and interesting way and even to make new friends.

Activities offered by assisted living facilities in Denver improve the psychological state of the seniors, through various fun, creative and spiritual activities, as well as their overall quality of life, preventing their institutionalization.

Activities offered by assisted living facilities Denver Rosemark

Thus, in a suitable space, familiar and comfortable, seniors have the opportunity to spend their time in a pleasant and useful way, being offered a wide range of activities, such as:

  • various board games – chess, domino, rummy
  • music therapy – seniors can listen to the music they like; they may also have the opportunity to play Karaoke, which helps create a distinct atmosphere
  • watching different movies
  • artistic activities, such as presentation of small theatrical scenes
  • language lessons
  • dance
  • thematic competitions (the most beautiful poetry, the most beautiful table decorated for the holidays season etc.)
  • occupational therapy (knitting, embroidery, doll making, handmade greeting cards, beading etc.)
  • walking, hiking and other exercising options

Most Denver assisted living facilities also have different recreational areas, such as libraries, fitness rooms, games rooms, pools, where seniors can spend as much time as they like.