stay in touch with residents of assisted living facilities in Denver

Staying in touch is very important in periods of crisis, the global health crisis that we are facing today being no exception. Covid restrictions are hard to cope with for everyone, but for the elderly, it is perhaps harder than for younger generations – here are some tips about how to stay in touch with them to make coping easier:

  • Call your aging loved ones regularly and be positive during the calls – attitude is contagious, positive and negative alike, so your cheerful attitude will stick with the aging person at the other end of the line. Maintaining a positive attitude is essential even if you don’t feel very positive;
  • Use video calls if possible – many seniors today use modern communication channels, such as video calls. If your elderly relative knows how to use smartphones for video calls or it is possible to teach them remotely, use that method whenever you can;
  • Allocate time for grandparent-grandchild meetings – one of the hardest parts of COVID lockdown is that grandparents are cut off from their grandchildren. Bridge that gap by putting your kids and seniors in touch again, by letting them spend together as much time as they want to through digital devices – your kids need their grandparents just as much.

Many concerned assisted living facilities in Denver have COVID health advisories to help protect their residents. They are saying that those with any respiratory symptoms or fever are encouraged to distance from senior living facilities.