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Our brain health is essential for all our activities, for the health of all our organs – in short, for everything we do. Like any organ in the body, the brain also tends to slow down with age, but the aging process can be efficiently slowed down or halted with exercise – here are some great and entertaining activities suggested by skilled nursing facility Denver staff members that can boost brain function:

activities suggested by skilled nursing facility Denver staff

  • Jigsaw puzzle – whether you take a 4,000-piece puzzle or you play with a small one, matching shapes and colors to slots to recreate a picture is a great way to train your brain and to have fun;
  • Crosswords – a great way to maintain a vast vocabulary as well as to learn new words and new information;
  • Taking up a new hobby – learning a new skill is always refreshing for the mind, the body and the soul as well. Whether it is knitting, learning a musical instrument or a new language, car repair, bridge or painting, the process has enormous, proven benefits for brain function, including concentration, decision making and problem solving;
  • Meditation – the practice has proven stress-relief benefits, it is a great way to improve brain function in stressful periods and it can also ameliorate depression.