assisted living Denver Whether it’s your father, your grandfather or your father in law, dads deserve to be treated in a special way during Father’s Day. But what gifts should you consider getting Grandpa during his special day, and where should you start looking? The following tips from assisted living Denver caretakers should help:

  • There’s no clear cut rule about what older people would like as gifts. Many prefer not to ask for anything, or they’d even refuse to accept a gift in the first place. However, if you make a list of what they really like and start searching for specific, meaningful gifts, then they’re likely to accept your present each and every time.
  • Give the gift of time – a family picnic, a walk, a card game etc.
  • Some of the most typical gifts you can buy are watches, new ties, memorabilia and books. You can also spice up your present by either personalizing it or adding some tech to the mix – such as a DVD collection of their favorite documentaries and shows.
  • Many older people are also big on sports. You can get them a new bowling ball, some brand new golf clubs or some stylish sports gear.
  • Finally, don’t underestimate the power of appealing to their passion for driving. Many older people love to keep driving and taking care of their cars well past their 60s, so you can never go wrong with a surprise paint job, a cool backseat organizer, new air fresheners or some practical upgrades.