Many people who relocate to senior living communities learn to adjust and enjoy the time in their new homes, experimenting new activities and making new friends.  However they will feel more stable and safer if you make a habit visiting your loved one at their senior living home.senior living activities

There are many things you can do together, during your visit.

  1. Crafts

Crafts are a great way to exercise your creativity and produce something beautiful, especially when you are in good company.   You and your parent can start by exploring websites that provide senior-friendly craft ideas and then decide what you are going to do together.  For example you can work on some decorations for your parent`s home, or create handmade presents for the next holidays. Many senior living centers, like Rosemark At Mayfair Park, offer a variety of activities and classes for their residents. Check with senior center activity directors to see if they have craft suggestions.

  1. Play games

Seniors love board games, so grab some new games with different themes and have fun!  Games are also great for people with cognitive diseases, although,  in this case,  you will have to stick to those with simpler rules, which your parent  can understand and remember.

  1. Teach your parent to use technology

You can help your parent becoming familiar to using their phone or tablet in order to keep in touch with you and other family members who live away.  Many will soon get addicted!