picnic with grandparentsWhether there’s someone’s birthday coming up, or it’s just a regular day, making your grandparents feel special and loved somehow always gets pushed away to the back burner. If you no longer want grandma and grandpa to feel neglected, consider these simple recommendations:

  1. Talk to them more often, and avoid speaking with an attitude of superiority. Even if your grandparents are suffering from something like senility or Alzheimer’s disease, it doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped being your elders and deserving the respect you need to show them.
  2. Another way to make elders feel special is to take them back to their youth. Who doesn’t enjoy reliving moments of the past and having that magic brought back somehow? Take them to a vintage car show, or a theater play they used to like, or just to a karaoke bar that plays their favorite old-school songs.
  3. Nothing beats an excellent gift, especially during holidays and birthdays. So you can always show your elders some appreciation by buying your grandfather a brand new watch or getting your grandmother that lovely dress she’s been meaning to save up some money for.

It’s just as important to be considerate, kind and respectful when taking care of your grandparents, as it is to help them out with food, shelter and other necessities, should they need them.

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