The Impact of Emotional Disconnection on Your Senior Parents

When your parents become old, you want to make absolutely sure that you’re doing everything you can to take proper care of them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible to do, as you still have work and you still have your own family to take care of.

Aside from problems such as dementia and senility, emotional disconnection is also a very important issue that could come up, and one that isn’t given enough recognition or attention. As implied by the name, emotional disconnection has your senior parents disconnect from you in a way that they can no longer feel empathy during your talks or when they see that something happens. This issue can be a result of a psychological disorder, but it can also result from the physical impairment of the brain due to an actual, neurological condition.

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The impact of emotional disconnection can be very big and very painful. Suddenly, one of your parents might not be able to laugh at jokes anymore. They could be emotionless and distant, barely ever playing with their grandchildren, or even becoming very grumpy, monotone or constantly bored.

The lack of proper emotional expression can be damaging both to themselves and to their families. A notable skilled nursing facility in Denver could be the right choice for your aging parents in some cases, as it will provide them with more specialized care on a regular basis, and possibly even allow them to recover over time.