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assisted living Denver caregiver

Being a caregiver is hard work that requires a special set of personality traits – here are the most important ones:

  • Patience – most people who need a caregiver are elderly or ill or both and are in a stage of their life when they are faced with pains and challenges that are hard to deal with. The difficult situation makes most patients moody and difficult, so the quality that is perhaps the most important for a caregiver is patience;
  • Compassion – understanding what the patient is going through is also very important for an assisted living Denver caregiver;
  • Dependability – people who need a caregiver need assistance regularly, not just now and then, so a good caregiver is a person who is there when needed, who is reliable and who sticks to the promises made;
  • Being attentive – people who need home care are not always willing to talk about the pains or the discomfort that they are suffering from, so the caregiver needs to observe the patient very carefully to see any changes, whether emotional or physical, and to be able to address those changes in an adequate manner;
  • Being trustworthy – in most patient homes, assisted living Denver caregivers have access to the patient’s belongings, valuables, even to money, so a good caregiver is a trustworthy person who respects other people’s property.