When preparing to see their parents for the first time after having enrolled them in an assisted living community, a lot of people don’t really know what to expect. Some are still used to the idea of what old people’s homes used to be like, while others think it’s more of a carefree living center where there isn’t much discipline or support.

The truth is synonymous to neither situation. In fact, assisted living communities have both support and discipline, but they are also flexible and carefree. Seniors who don’t need much support will not be burdened by it, while those who need it will be provided even with medical help and assistance while getting dressed, cooking, traveling or taking their medicine.

asssited living Denver community

Assisted living Denver communities support an active lifestyle and are often home to seniors who are very active both physically and socially. So, when you visit the community, make sure you keep in mind that your senior parents are not likely to expect their children to visit them feeling pity for them or trying to make them feel comforted.

In most cases, the only thing you need to bring is a smile, some memories from your families and children (or just bring the children along for the visit), and make sure you’re ready to spend a few fun and relaxing hours in a place where you’ll feel totally welcome and at home.