Rosemark at Mayfair Park

Taking care of your elderly parents is difficult when you live next door to them – doing it remotely, while living hundreds or thousands of miles away from them is even more difficult. Here are some tips from elderly care experts at Rosemark at Mayfair Park to make it easier:

  • Plan regular calls – developing a plan with your elderly loves and sticking to that plan allows you to navigate your busy schedule more easily and will also give your elderly relatives something to prepare and to look for;
  • Involve others, too – you don’t have to be the only one taking care of your senior relative, you can involve neighbors, other family members, even the friends of your seniors. Try to develop a network of helpers who live in the same neighborhood with your senior relatives or who can visit them more easily and more frequently than you can and talk to those people regularly, too;
  • Make scans of important documents – it is often very difficult for elderly people to handle legal matters or tasks that involve authorities. Take your time to locate and to scan all the important legal and other documents that your elderly loved ones might need to make such situations easier to manage;
  • Hire help – if moving to an assisted living facility is not an option, try to find paid help to visit and assist your elderly loved ones regularly.