Trellis Memory Support™ Program

Using our LEAF philosophy, Rosemark Trellis Memory Support program and memory care services celebrate the whole person and his or her potential for growth and engagement. Rather than focusing on the limitations of people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, we highlight the possibilities, always striving to help our residents live to the fullest. Families can preserve cherished relationships by removing the worries of caregiving.

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Program Highlights

Professional Training

Advanced training in highly effective programs ensures the best possible resident environment. Our validation techniques support dignified relationships and encourage interaction.

Personalized Approach

We know each person’s physical, social and psychological history to celebrate strengths and anticipate needs. Our individualized care plans ease transitions through the disease process.

Personalized Music

We provide the songs and experiences that signal belonging.

Holistic Approach

Our whole-body approach helps families and residents understand the physical changes that accompany dementia.

Pain Management

The inability to communicate pain is often an underlying complication. We maintain a watchful eye for discomfort.

Unique Features

Excellent Staff-to-Resident Ratios

Dedicated staff and careful scheduling ensure familiar faces and warm relationships with care partners.


Secure paths, planting beds and a fountain encourage exploration. Residents can reconnect with the pleasures of gardening, hanging laundry and gathering vegetables.

Personal Wellness Monitoring

A discrete 24-7 alert system notifies staff to possible concerns while preserving residents’ dignity.

Inviting Community Spaces

33,000 square feet of thoughtfully designed gathering spots create places to meet friends and family.

Onsite Fitness & Health

Our fitness center includes a physical therapy component. A visiting physician clinic helps maintain health and well-being without having to leave home.

Quiet Room

A quiet room provides a soothing and comforting environment.