Trellis Memory Support

Care for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

At Rosemark Trellis Memory Support assisted living, dementia care, and Alzheimer care, you’ll find comfort in being where people know you, understand you and celebrate everything that is wonderful about you. You’ll be honored and supported as a unique individual. You will flourish with the help of our memory care program, stimulating and therapeutic activities —like strolling through secure gardens, excursions, exercise, massage therapy and more. We also know when to give residents the space to contemplate and refuel, free from unwanted interruptions.

Our LEAF (Live, Enrich, Aspire, Flourish) philosophy to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care is rooted in scientific research. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are physical diseases, affecting all the systems the brain controls. Our memory care program and skilled team support residents in navigating cognitive challenges while focusing on what our residents can do.

Our supportive neighborhood features a sunroom, a creative space, and living room. Relying on evidence-based techniques, our team uses aromatherapy, personalized music, and an innovative relaxation nook.

Rosemark’s 24/7 personal response system and QuietCare wellness monitoring technology preserve residents’ dignity while providing unobtrusive security, maximum mobility, and peace of mind. Here, you will be part of a warm, accepting family that validates the life experiences and talents of every resident.

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Trelis Memory SupportRosemark’s outstanding caregivers are why we have loved our new home from the very first day we arrived.