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If you have any respiratory symptoms, fever or have traveled to an area which is experiencing the Coronavirus please refrain from coming to Rosemark.

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Care Technologies

Since Rosemark at Mayfair Park was built from the ground up, we’ve incorporated many of the latest technologies to enhance the lives of our residents.

QuietCare Wellness Monitoring

Each apartment is equipped with an unobtrusive wellness monitoring system from GE and Intel. QuietCare learns the daily in-home routines of residents. When changes occur, it notifies staff, allowing them to pro-actively respond to situations before they become urgent. QuietCare can detect an unusually high number of nighttime bathroom visits and wandering behavior so that staff can quickly intervene. This discreet monitoring adds a level of safety, without impeding activity or privacy.

Emergency Call System

Every resident apartment has two emergency pull cords that alert team members to an urgent need.

Wander Management System

Doors to common areas and outdoor gardens and pathways remain unlocked. A small wearable medallion signals when a resident’s safety may be compromised by entering a certain space. In those cases, a door will lock for that resident. The effect is a more open, inviting community, where most residents have full access to the entire environment.

Confidential Medical Communications

Rosemark team members carry mobile devices, where they can chart resident information as it happens and spend more time with residents. No traveling back to the central desk to type up what was just learned, and all the data goes into a central electronic medical records system that also integrates lab results. The mobile devices enable text messaging, and audio sound alerts for discreet, immediate communication between team members.

Core Stix Fitness System

Through the use of specialized exercise equipment, Core Stix allows residents to build core strength safely and effectively. The system promotes active aging while remaining scalable to all ability levels and easy on joints. Core Stix helps develop muscles used in everyday life, fostering independence, and a sense of achievement.


To help keep you connected and engaged, you’ll find wi-fi throughout our community, plus a free megabit of data storage for each apartment.

Direct TV

100+ channels free to each home.

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