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So 2018 has passed, and you’re searching for a viable option for a senior living community where you can take your elderly parent. Despite the fact that a traditional home might not be out of the question, there are actually many other options you might want to consider before making any kind of decision on the matter.

Senior living has evolved a great deal since the 1980s and 90s. Nowadays, there are a number of different types of senior centers that can provide seniors with as much support and freedom as they require.

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If your elderly parent is not yet in need of nurses to give them their medicine, help them get dressed or to assist them with driving and daily chores, then an independent living community might be the best suited option for them. These communities allow seniors to live in relative freedom with their peers and only receive minimal care.

Assisted living is a better option if your elder has the need for some kind of assistance, as stated above. Whether they need help with their laundry, or they forget things easily, an assisted living center is a great option for them to retain their freedom and still get the care they need.

Alternatively, for seniors who can’t take proper care of themselves any longer, there are continuous care skilled nursing facility Denver options that will provide them with all the support and care they require.