All our life we must learn how to live, says a Latin proverb. However, sometimes it is hard to know how to do this and to accomplish everything you have to do. For seniors it is all the more difficult, as physical and mental functioning begins to decrease.

 simplify Here are some tips from assisted living Denver caretakers to help you stay organized.

  1. Simplify your living environment. It will come a time when useless things may become too much for you to take care of.
  2. Organize your remaining things, use labels and establish precise locations for important documents and emergency supplies
  3. Avoid keeping things you do not really need. We all have objects with sentimental value, but when your gather everything and throw away nothing, it is clear that you have developed a habit that will not help you stay organized at all. Besides, a well-organized and decluttered living space is also very important for your personal safety.
  4. Keep cleaning your house. Do not hide under the excuse that no one visits you anyway. Cleaning is important both hygienically and mentally, as it favors better organization. Cleaning may be exhausting, but take your time; there`s no deadline!
  5. Plan to clean your medicine cabinet, on a regular basis, to ensure that no medication is expired.