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Assisted living homes are facilities that provide long-term care services to their residents admitted after an evaluation procedure. The services provided by these facilities include personal care and health care, assistance with daily chores, medicine administration, meals as well as recreational activities – if your aging relative has difficulties tending to all these chores, here is how a person can qualify for assisted living retirement communities in Denver:

  • Health condition – while the admission criteria are different for each facility, most assisted living homes are for people who have certain difficulties moving around and performing daily activities, but are in fairly good health. This means that most homes do not encourage the admission of persons suffering from severe cognitive impairment, who require permanent supervision or who have extensive medical needs – these people should seek admission in a nursing home;
  • Paperwork – the people seeking admission in an assisted living facility will need to submit various documents, including a physician’s order for admission and for medications and treatment, a document issued by the candidate’s primary care doctor about the person’s medial history, test results proving that the person is negative for tuberculosis as well as an assessment of the person’s financial situation to determine how the costs of care will be paid.

assisted living retirement communities in Denver