How do I Know if My Parent at a Skilled Nursing Facility is Eating Enough?

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Leading nursing homes in Denver usually provide healthy, well-balanced food. But sometimes seniors do not eat enough due to other medical problems, or due to depression. At any rate, staff members at your parent’s living facility should monitor their residents regarding several different aspects, including their eating habits. In case your parent starts losing weight or does not show up at meal time, it means that the staff needs to make certain changes to ensure that your parent is properly fed and cared for on a daily basis.

Signs that your parent is not eating enough may include: losing weight, excessive chewing, difficulty in seeing food or using the cutlery, complaints about an irritated mouth, coughing or eyes tearing, and general lack of interest in food and meal times.

The reasons behind your parent’s lack of appetite may be related to an already existing medical condition or an undiscovered illness, to a change in medication, or sometimes to Alzheimer’s. Another reason may be that as we age, our sense of smell and sight tend to weaken, which can make food less appetizing. In this respect, vividly colored food can seem more attractive to older people.

Seniors can also change their food preferences and therefore you need to find out if they consider the food to be too spicy or too dull.