How Can I Know if My Parent at a Retirement Community is Socializing or Isolating?

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Senior isolation is a commonly-spread issue. Unfortunately, living alone can further lead to seniors feeling lonely and depressed. At the same time, due to the recent pandemics, seniors were recommended to stay isolated, and those from retirement communities were recommended not to receive guests. Although these restrictions kept seniors safe and free from the danger of getting ill, they had a lot to lose in terms of socialization.

There are many reasons why isolation can be a bad thing. First of all, it leads to stress and often unhealthy habits. Moreover, it can increase the development of Alzheimer’s disease. At the same time, when isolation is requested at such a general level, neglect can often go unnoticed.

Moving to senior living Denver communities can be overwhelming for some seniors. Some seniors can actually withdraw rather than making new friends. First of all, we have to acknowledge the fact that it can be difficult for seniors to break into already-existing groups of friends. Certainly there are various types of people there, and you can encourage your parent to join people with similar mentalities. You can do that by observing the dynamic at that place, and thus discover that even those who are introverts can find each other and form a group of friends.