Pets bring great benefits to the lives of seniors – physical, mental and emotional.

Protecting cardiovascular health

With a furry friend around the house, certain physical parameters change, such as blood pressure and pulse. In other words, there are fewer risks of hypertension and myocardial infarction – two of the major health problems elderly people confront with.

assisted living Denver residents positively benefit from caring for pets

A more active life

Seniors who care for an animal tend to be less sedentary and have a more active life. They are more motivated to get out of bed and go out to provide their beloved pet with what they need (walking, eating, playing, etc.).  The good news is that seniors who care for a small dog or cat can typically find a positive assisted living Denver community that will allow them to enjoy the benefits of animal companionship.

Improving mental health

Pets also have a favorable impact on mental health. Dogs in particular contribute in a concrete way to the stimulation of cognitive functions. This is great, especially as the elderly have a predisposition towards memory loss and more serious learning difficulties.

Reduction of depressive episodes

Contact with animals improves mood in general, managing to induce a slight decrease in the duration and intensity of depressive and anxious episodes.

Fighting loneliness

When interacting with a cat or a dog, seniors feel less alone; this is particularly important after a personal loss.