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As we become older, we can no longer hope for the recovery of neurons or their multiplication, but it has been found that the number of connections that neurons have with each other is even more important than their number, being able to support the proper functioning of the brain. According to memory care nursing homes in Denver, there are many smart and fun games that will keep your mind healthy.

  1. Scrabble

There are studies according to which regular Scrabble players do much better in the field of oratory (the ability that allows you to unravel the words presented in a vertical form) and are better at delivering verbal answers.

  1. Chess

There are a lot of studies showing that playing chess on a regular basis can significantly improve your mental abilities. Chess teaches you to think logically, to develop strategies and to improve your memory.

  1. Match the colors

The games requiring you to match the colors are those in which the color must be associated with the meaning of an object. This is quite complicated and will cause a real stretching exercise to your brain.

  1. Mental speed tests

Your ability to make quick decisions based on the environment around you is crucial in most aspects of life and at any age. Challenge your own abilities by playing certain games that test your reflexes. How fast can you manage to match two images of the same kind? Or determine the direction of a single object inside a set of objects?