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assisted living facilities in Denver

It’s great to have technology. Modern video chat tech helps a lot when you’re separated from your loved ones and they are stuck in assisted living. Most safety minded assisted living facilities in Denver have guidelines to protect elders and minimize covid exposure by limiting their ability to come and go. Visiting hours as well, for the same reasons, may be limited too. Your loved ones may feel isolated, so it’s a great idea to consider some fun and engaging (or relaxing) activities.

Drawing or crafting together can be one of the best activities you can engage in. If your children want to learn to draw, rather than looking through random drawing videos online, they might be much better off learning in an interactive way with an artistic grandparent. Also, unique crafting activities can be done with the entire family, and your senior loved ones can also recommend crafting activities that they used to do when they were young.

Exercise and physical activities can also be a healthy and engaging thing. Just because people are stuck at home it doesn’t mean they have to remain passive and sedentary. You can look for some fun and engaging – but not too intense – exercise routines online, and perform them together with your elderly parents.

Finally, reading, storytelling and even gaming or commenting on the same shows or sports while watching them together on video chat can all be exceptional activities to consider.