Aging is a complex process in which a variety of factors (pathological, genetic, lifestyle) are involved and are frequently associated with a reduction in functional capacity and the presence of chronic diseases. Physical inactivity and the presence of a sedentary lifestyle represent significant risk factors affecting the health status of the seniors.

Fortunately, respected assisted living facilities in Denver offer on site classes with exercises for people with reduced mobility, and the benefits of regular physical training for the seniors are clear and significant.

assisted living facilities in Denver offer exercise classes for elderly

Workout to improve muscle flexibility

These are recommended to maintain the right joint angles in elderly patients, with limited mobility. Stretching (10-15 sec), after a warm-up period, as well as light exercises to increase muscle strength play an important role in improving flexibility.

Exercises to improve the balance

The balance is affected by a number of factors: vision and hearing disorders, low muscle strength, poor coordination or some medications. The balance deficit can increase the risk of falls even in the absence of other traumas or fractures. Balancing can be improved by different techniques:

  • yoga
  • tai chi
  • exercises for the improvement of joint mobility
  • balance board exercises

Exercises to improve coordination

These consist of performing more complex activities that maintain neuromuscular efficiency, in exercises that involve crossing the midline of the body (e.g. dressing).