assisted living

If you are looking for senior care facilities, you will discover several options that may confuse you. It is important to know the terminology and understand different types of these facilities.

As their name suggests, they are created to provide housing as well as different levels of care, for seniors who need assistance that includes providing help with daily routines (basic housekeeping, laundry, maintenance and repairs etc.), medication and basic medical monitoring, housekeeping and meals.

 In assisted living communities, retirement communities Denver residents have their own private apartments and access to various amenities, including for relaxation. The provided services depend on each facility, as well as on legal regulations of each state.

Retirement communities Denver staff is available 24/7, for supervising and security.

It is not uncommon that some of these facilities also have sections for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, who are in need for memory care and who can benefit from supervision and structured activities, provided by trained staff.

Residential care homes represent another type of assisted living facilities. They are private homes, re-adapted to offer supervision and assistance to a limited number of senior residents. Their advantage is the provided family ambiance and the fact that they are better fit for individual are than assisted living communities.

Nursing homes are facilities created to provide 24/7 medical assistance and monitoring, for people with severe conditions, who cannot care for themselves.