A lot of people tend to believe that assisted living communities are like regular old people homes. This is far from being accurate. Aside from the fact that assisted living communities have very different infrastructure and more options for seniors to actually enjoy their stay, their entire approach is geared towards providing seniors with as much freedom as possible, while still making available any form of assistance that they might need.

active senior citizens One myth says that assisted living provides only full time assistance, and is geared towards seniors who can no longer take care of themselves. This is false. Assisted living communities provide some, but not full assistance, and the profile of the seniors living in retirement communities in Denver include active individuals who love to be free and operate pretty much the same way they would at home – except being provided with some basic care and medical assistance.

Another myth is that there’s no chance for keeping up with hobbies and social activities. On the contrary, assisted living retirement communities in Denver provide a variety of programs, sports and activities that you can elect to engage in either on your own or as part of a group.

One of the worst myths is that seniors lose their car privileges and are essentially alone and abandoned. This is far from being true. As long as seniors are able to operate their vehicle (or perform any task they want) safely, they will be allowed to do it. Moreover, family members can typically come and go as they please in most of these places, so even if you don’t feel comfortable around the other seniors, you won’t be alone.