Current News About COVID Restrictions in Denver Assisted Living Centers

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Although the number of COVID cases has been dropping overall, recent rises are causing Denver professionals to revise their leniency regarding the restrictions imposed on assisted living centers. Lately there have been many talks about which restrictions should be maintained or not, and some officials are saying that there is a risk for new outbreaks, even as they are calling for nursing home and assisted living center staff to be vaccinated.

The results are that some assisted living centers are taking measures to reduce the exposure of seniors to COVID such as limiting visits and imposing stricter interaction rules within compounds. Seniors also have to avoid leaving the facilities in some cases.

Opinions on the restriction are mixed, however, and some Colorado and Denver assisted living centers are far more lenient. There, staff that aren’t vaccinated are required to get tested more frequently, and seniors are allowed more freedom. Visitors are also granted better treatment when choosing to visit their loved ones at the facility.

Knowledgeable assisted living Denver facilities have a track record of offering their guests the best possible treatment and providing them with amenities and care services that provide safety, medical assistance, social support and better mental health overall. Despite COVID restrictions, you can rest assured that the senior center you choose for your loved one will provide them with everything they require.