Physical exercise that is tailored to the physical condition of the person pursuing the exercise regimen is beneficial for mobility, for brain health, for balance, for flexibility and strength as well as for the person’s general well-being.

stay fit in Denver nursing homes

The benefits are especially important for the elderly – fortunately, there are lots of great exercises offered by care specialists at nursing homes in Denver, that even people who cannot workout while standing or cannot do any exercises that involve the legs. Here are some:

  • Seated rows – this exercise mimics the movement one is doing while rowing and it is perfect for working the muscles of the shoulders, the arms and the back;
  • Inner thigh squeezes – this exercise is excellent for activating the muscles of the thighs. It is best done with a ball placed between the knees and squeezed, but if there is no ball available, it can be done using a pillow as well;
  • Knee extensions – this exercise is great for activating the muscles of the legs as well as for increasing the mobility of the knees. Your senior will have to sit next to the edge of the chair, to grab the seat edge with both hands, then to raise and stretch one leg, then the other.