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Typical Activities Offered at Retirement Communities

Everyone feels that they have a purpose in life when involved in various activities. As for the seniors, with retirement, the daily routine is affected, some of them no longer find their place, no longer find pleasure in being at home, in their regular activities and life.

There are many fun activities that seniors at Rosemark at Mayfair Park Denver assisted living and retirement communities can take part in, to keep their mind clear, their body strong and their soul happy. Whether spending time outdoors, playing games with friends or doing manual work, simply being in a place that pleases them, seniors benefit from an improved state of mind.

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Retirement communities propose to their beneficiaries various activities that they can enjoy: picnics, fishing, gardening, trips in parks and other places of interest. For seniors who cannot go outdoors, there are also indoor activities. Whether they are learning new things or perfecting the skills they already acquired, seniors will be able to spend their time developing creative, artistic and craft activities that can be modified according to their needs, so that people with certain physical limitations can benefit from them too.

Many people enjoy when they have the opportunity to spend time playing board games, bingo, dominoes or chess, others prefer to do puzzles, dance, paint or read a good book, but any recreational activity has many physical and emotional benefits.

Assisted Living Checklist – Finding the Right Space

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Choosing an assisted living facility for your aging loved one is a hard task – the emotional burden is made even heavier by the multitude of practical problems that need to be tackled, one of these issues being the assessment of available facilities and the selection of the home to move your relative to. Here is a short checklist with the most relevant aspects to find out about to make your job finding reputable assisted living Denver options a bit easier:

  • The staff – find out about the staff-to-residents ratio, the availability of round-the-clock medical assistance and the qualification of the medical staff;
  • The apartments – the types of apartments available, the number of residents living in the same apartment and the costs related to each type of apartments is essential as well;
  • The services included in the monthly fee – you need to find out exactly what types of services are included in the monthly fee and what services are available for extra fees. Find out as much as you can about the events and programs organized at the facility;
  • The food – if your elderly relative is on a special diet, find out whether the facility can provide that special diet. Visit the facility during lunchtime and try the meals served at the cafeteria to check the quality of the food.

Types of Senior Living Facilities

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Nowadays, there are different Denver options for seniors spending their retirement years. They can choose independent living or assisted living, depending on their needs.

Some people may be able to age in place, i.e. in their home, by making only some modifications, if necessary, to address specific mobility issues. They can also get medical assistance when needed, from health care professionals. In order to age in place, one should be able to handle most of the daily tasks, even after health start to decline.

The alternative is moving to an assisted living community, where they will have a home-like environment, neighbors of their own age, security, as well as the assistance they need. Most assisted living facilities provide housekeeping, meals, recreational activities and transportation to medical appointments.

Unfortunately, some people need a high level of medical care and are not able to maintain their independence. Nursing homes are facilities that offer what they need: full time assistance with daily activities and 24 hour medical supervision. There are also memory care nursing homes in Denver, with staff specialized to assist people suffering from dementia.

Finally, there are hospices, for those with a terminal illness. These facilities typically focus on pain management and on making the person as comfortable as possible.

Tips for Finding Your Own Mantra to Live By

Mantra is based on personal experience and holds the power as an individual and unique expression of what you want most.

Mantra is an ancient meditation practice that helps to create a wonderful experience. Sakara, translated by the manifestation of thoughts into things, reflects the idea that we are the ones who can change our own lives; we have the ability to live the life we ​​want.

It is important to remember that there are no right and wrong mantras. To find your own mantra to live by, start by spending half an hour a day with your diary and write about what you want in your life right now. Do not analyze too much and do not judge too intensely; simply allow your thoughts to flow freely. Writing down these thoughts will help you understand more clearly your purpose in life is.

Decide on what idea, goal, concept or emotion you want to focus first. Once you have made this decision in your mind, turn these thoughts into a statement for you. Do a 10 minute meditation each day (meditation can also be done during a walk in the park) and repeat your mantra.

At Rosemark, we hope all our residents and their families find peace, comfort, and happiness, along with good health. ‘This is your time. Live it to the fullest’.

at Rosemark we say This is your time. Live it to the fullest


Self-Care Tips for Senior Citizens – How to Navigate Your Old Age Like a Boss

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Taking care of business in your old age is not as easy as it might sound. Sure, you don’t have to work anymore, but the challenges of day-to-day life usually start to become a real issue at some point. Fortunately, there are a few quick tips that can help you out:

• Avoid equating the need for help to failure. Just because your body is losing its ability to help you out, it doesn’t mean you’re any less capable or valuable as a human being than you were before.
• Ask for help with medicine, if you feel you don’t remember if you took it or not. With most other things, it’s not too important. However, if you’re on insulin, heart medication or any other form of medicine that is necessary for your survival, then ask your family for help or hire a nurse to administer your medication for you.
• Consider assisted living as an option. No one wants to be left alone in an old people’s home when they get to their golden years. However, assisted living presents you with an opportunity to live independently, and still get the precise level of care you need. Better yet, you no longer have to depend on your family members anymore. Rosemark, an assisted living and skilled nursing facility in Denver fosters a sense of belonging and comfort.
• Finally, make sure you’ve got all the most important health-related tasks covered. Exercise, take walks, keep stress at bay, be active, and eat well. Nothing beats a healthy lifestyle!

The Issue of Dealing with Old Age: How to Make Your Grandparents Feel Special

picnic with grandparentsWhether there’s someone’s birthday coming up, or it’s just a regular day, making your grandparents feel special and loved somehow always gets pushed away to the back burner. If you no longer want grandma and grandpa to feel neglected, consider these simple recommendations:

  1. Talk to them more often, and avoid speaking with an attitude of superiority. Even if your grandparents are suffering from something like senility or Alzheimer’s disease, it doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped being your elders and deserving the respect you need to show them.
  2. Another way to make elders feel special is to take them back to their youth. Who doesn’t enjoy reliving moments of the past and having that magic brought back somehow? Take them to a vintage car show, or a theater play they used to like, or just to a karaoke bar that plays their favorite old-school songs.
  3. Nothing beats an excellent gift, especially during holidays and birthdays. So you can always show your elders some appreciation by buying your grandfather a brand new watch or getting your grandmother that lovely dress she’s been meaning to save up some money for.

It’s just as important to be considerate, kind and respectful when taking care of your grandparents, as it is to help them out with food, shelter and other necessities, should they need them.

Looking for more ideas to help make sure your grandparents feel loved and appreciated? Check out for some great suggestions.