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Commonly Asked Questions about Senior Living

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Moving to a safe senior living Denver community involves a lot of planning and preparations. It is often a difficult decision because it marks the end of a chapter in someone`s life and, unless there is a promise of a good future, people are reluctant about making this transition, even if it is necessary.

This is why you must start prospecting early and ask the right questions to identify the best senior living community for you. There are many marketing materials but you should have much more information than they provide, so take a proactive stance, visit communities and talk to people about them.

Some of the most commonly asked questions should include:

  1. What are the living arrangements offered by the community?

You can choose from living arrangements in different locations, layouts and sizes, in the form of apartments or homes etc. If you need assistance of any kind, look for assisted living communities and ask details about the provided level of assistance.

  1. Which utilities are included in the rent?

Most people are interested about cable, internet, Wi-Fi and emergency call systems.

  1. Is the community safe?

Safety is one of the most important aspects for seniors, so ask about alert buttons for emergency assistance, grab bars and pull cords in places prone to accidents (bathrooms, for example), the existence of an emergency response plan, background checks for community members and other safety drills.


Getting Your Senior Friend or Family Member the Best Recommendations: What Magazines Do Most Seniors Read?

If you have a friend or family member who’s retired and tends to get bored a lot, a magazine subscription might be just what the doctor ordered. However, with so many great choices out there, it’s hard to know what to get for them or what to suggest.

Following are a few of the best magazines for seniors  at retirement communities in Denver:magazine suggestions for seniors at retirement communities in Denver

  • Reminisce is one of the best magazines you can consider. This is one of the only magazines that brings back the “good old days” including photos and stories from the 1920s all the way up to the ’80s and ‘90s.
  • If the person you want the subscription for wants to remember the past but also look forward to the future, Today’s Senior Magazine might be the best choice by far. This magazine is a curious mix of old stories and current facts, packed together in a stylish piece that has already attracted more than 300,000 followers.
  • Reader’s Digest needs no introduction, regardless of your age. Having been considered among the top most popular magazines in the world since the 1920s, it continues to dazzle us and our senior counterparts with excellent humor, great writing and a lot of amazing and useful facts about the current day United States, as well as times gone by.

How to Go About Looking for Senior Living Communities in 2019

So 2018 has passed, and you’re searching for a viable option for a senior living community where you can take your elderly parent. Despite the fact that a traditional home might not be out of the question, there are actually many other options you might want to consider before making any kind of decision on the matter.

Senior living has evolved a great deal since the 1980s and 90s. Nowadays, there are a number of different types of senior centers that can provide seniors with as much support and freedom as they require.

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If your elderly parent is not yet in need of nurses to give them their medicine, help them get dressed or to assist them with driving and daily chores, then an independent living community might be the best suited option for them. These communities allow seniors to live in relative freedom with their peers and only receive minimal care.

Assisted living is a better option if your elder has the need for some kind of assistance, as stated above. Whether they need help with their laundry, or they forget things easily, an assisted living center is a great option for them to retain their freedom and still get the care they need.

Alternatively, for seniors who can’t take proper care of themselves any longer, there are continuous care skilled nursing facility Denver options that will provide them with all the support and care they require.

Popular Books for Seniors – Genres and Topics

senior living in Denver

Reading is among one of the favorite pass-time activities for senior living Denver retirees – whether they prefer to read in the traditional form, holding the book in their hands, they like using the computer or a mobile device, such as a tablet or a laptop or they prefer listening to books read aloud by famous actors in the form of audio materials, books are an important source of entertainment for the older generations. However, not all genres are favorites with seniors – here are some that enjoy great popularity among them:

  • Romantic novels – ladies just love beautiful, romantic, old-fashioned love stories with happy endings;
  • History books – books that offer a detailed account of an era, such as World War II, are also very popular among seniors;
  • Classics – whether American classic novels or important works of world literature, classics will never lose their popularity;
  • Poetry – poems are great favorites and not only among the ladies, but among the gentlemen as well;
  • Whodunits – crime stories, thrillers and murder mystery stories are also the preferred choice of the elderly;
  • Espionage novels – these captivating stories are also the preferred choice of the senior generation, especially the ones that deal with the Cold War period.

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Seniors

Valentines Day at assistd living facilities in Denver

Valentine’s Day is a celebration associated with love and romance and also an opportunity to show our affection to our loved ones – feelings that are important at any stage in life, old age included. Here are some great celebration ideas for seniors:

  • A dinner in two – whether the dinner table decorated with a candle is in your own dining room or in a restaurant, a dinner in two with your spouse is an excellent way to celebrate the long years spent together;
  • Surprising your loved one with a small gift – a delicate necklace for your lady or a manly gift for your gentleman is a great and simple way to express your love;
  • Celebrating with family – gather your family for dinner and just spend quality time together;
  • Playing Valentine-themed bingo – a great, fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day at award winning assisted living facilities in Denver. The activity is entertaining, it involves everyone and it makes the day memorable. Valentine bingo sheets are available in the stores as well as online – if you choose the latter solution, all you need to do is to print out the sheets that features hearts, kisses, cakes and other Valentine-related images and you are all ready to play.

Choosing the Right Salon for the Most Relaxing Services for Seniors

Salon services designed with seniors in mind are not that hard to come by. Nowadays, there are dozens if not hundreds of salons that specialize in helping seniors feel cared for and satisfied. Whether you want a massage or just to have your nails done, these facilities are perfect for the job. Soothing and relaxing, they will leave seniors feeling tranquil and full of life.

Salon management companies are great at putting people in touch with these services. Whether you own an assisted living center, or you just want to find the right salon service for grandma and grandpa, they will help you by making sure that the service you find has skilled, drug-screened professionals who specialize in the types of services you are looking for. Many luxury skilled nursing facility Denver living centers offer in house salon services for their community members.

luxury skilled nursing facility spa services

Most salons focus mainly on light services that don’t demand a lot of activity and keep seniors feeling relaxed and rested. Some of these include hair, nails and facial services, as well as relaxing, light massages to make sure that your senior parent feels fresh and full of life.

Special treatments and the inclusion of nurses and salon professionals trained to deal with patients of dementia and Alzheimer’s will also be one of the pluses of looking up these exceptional salons.