When Is It Time to Consider Assisted Living?

It can be very difficult to see one of our senior loved ones no longer being able to take care of themselves as they used to. So reaching a middle ground becomes the healthiest way to tackle this issue.

First of all, highly principled assisted living facilities in Denver suggest you determine what type of help you may need. These activities may include bathing, going to the toilet, dressing, getting out of bed and getting into bed, being able to control one’s bowels, and the ability to feed oneself. In case you or your closed one is having troubles scoring higher than 2 out of 6, this may indicate the need to start considering assisted living.

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This can also be the case if your medical condition is getting worse. For instance, if your loved one has experienced falling down and not being able to get up for more than one or two times, this should be a warning sign.

Not being able to administer your finances well can be another indicator that assisted living may be the option for you. A messy living space can also suggest that the senior is no longer able to deal with mundane things and therefore needs special assistance in many areas of his/her life.

Where to See Fall Foliage This October Near Denver


Denver is known for having the longest period of fall colors in the USA. Because of that, you can go there and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage, especially during the month of October.

Rocky Mountain National Park is one such place to go and visit during this time of the year. It is located at about 1 hour and a half distance from Denver.

Georgetown and Silver Plume are also located close to Denver, and the view is very beautiful also. You can go on an amazing ride with the vintage locomotive on the Georgetown Loop Railroad. Another area which is full of aspen groves is located at about 75 minutes away from Denver. It is the area around Lake Dillon, Silverthorne and Frisco.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park is to be found at a small distance from Denver, about 20 miles. It offers one of the most gorgeous panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, so you can imagine the beauty of the landscape when the fall foliage gets all colorful.

The largest lake in Denver, called Sloan’s Lake, is another great place to go and see the amazing colors of the fall. Washington Park, i.e. Denver’s main traditional park, has two lakes and a tree-lined running path.

Where ever your travels take you – Happy Fall from expert senior living Denver providers – Rosemark at Mayfair Place!

Important Questions to Ask When Considering an Assisted Living Community

In case you need to take your family member to an assisted living community, there are several good questions you may want to ask, in order to make sure you find the right place for your beloved one.

One of the very first questions you may want to answer is the number of staff members who care for each resident. The type of training that the staff completed is another major concern regarding this type of community.

Another important thing to know is if assisted living Denver staff are qualified for administering medication. Also, it is important to know if there is any in-house doctor to deal with issues which may appear unexpectedly, especially in the case of residents with chronic illnesses and conditions.

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Having the right type of safety measures is another important aspect of the whole picture. You want your family member to feel and stay safe, not having extra worries and stress.

At the same time, you may want to know if they are familiar with Alzheimer or diabetes patients, because they usually require extra care and special attention.

Billing policies and fees for extra services are some other things you need to clarify before deciding whether you will entrust the community with the care of your dear one.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween While Physically Distancing


Covid-19 is causing us to keep physical distancing, but that does not mean we should completely disrupt all our social lives. We can still interact, especially since there are so many technological means of communication.

Practicing good hygiene, spending time outdoors and keeping distance between people can be kept by most people without missing out too much fun.

Leaving out a bowl of candy may not be the best thing to do, because so many people will eventually end up getting in contact with each other and possibly contact the virus. Instead, what you can do is put each piece of candy or several pieces in separate bags at a time. This may take longer, but it shows that you care about others.

Trick-and-treating around the house to search for hidden candy may be another fun activity for this holiday. Going on a family picnic or hike can be lots of fun, too. Plus you can enjoy the fresh air and not have too much problem keeping the recommended physical distance.

Cooking sessions involving the entire family are also great, relieving stress and also helping you cope with the often frustrating restrictions we all have to deal with. Family meals are great ways of connecting children and parents.

Happy Halloween from the caring staff at Rosemark At Mayfair Park!


The Best Assisted Living Centers in Denver

Choosing an assisted living center for your loved one is not an easy task – the conversation with your elderly relative about the necessity to move to a care center is among the hardest discussions ever and the process of finding the best place is not easy either. Fortunately, Denver has lots of institutions that provide high quality services and an environment that will offer your loved one a great, comfortable life. assisted living facilities in Denver

Here are some tips about how to evaluate assisted living facilities in Denver to find the most suitable institution:

  • Pay attention to every detail during your visit – schedule a visit to the facilities that seem suitable based on your preliminary research. During your visits, pay attention not only to the general atmosphere and to the way that the nurses and doctors treat the residents, but to the smells, the quality of the furniture, and the safety of the premises as well. Visit a couple of rooms, too, to see how people live in the home and try a meal at the cafeteria, too;
  • Pick a place that is able to handle your loved one’s special needs – if your elderly relative suffers from an illness that requires special care, such as dementia, make sure that the home you find provides that type of special care.

Why Would Someone Need A Skilled Nursing Facility

Skilled nursing facilities are somewhat different from other types of senior care homes. Here are some of the most important features of skilled nursing to help you decide whether this type of care is what your elderly loved one needs:

  • Rehabilitation – skilled nursing homes in Denver provide rehabilitative care for people who are recovering after an illness, an accident or after a surgery – people who do not need permanent care, but need assistance after having been treated in a hospital for an acute condition;

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  • The duration of stay – skilled nursing facilities being mostly for people recovering after hospital care, the stay of the patients who are enrolled in Medicare is covered for up to 100 days, but will incur some costs after the first 20 days of care. The residents who need skilled nursing care will be responsible for all costs after the first 100 days of care;
  • Care providers – while in a nursing home, the principal care givers are typically non-medical workers, skilled nursing facilities focus on the recovery of the residents, therefore the range of principle care givers is much more specialized and might include not only registered nurses, but medical doctors, rehabilitation specialists, speech pathologists and audiologists.