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What Activities are Common in Assisted Living Facilities

Denver assisted living facilities offer the opportunity for seniors, who are mostly alone, to enjoy their leisure time in an active and interesting way and even to make new friends.

Activities offered by assisted living facilities in Denver improve the psychological state of the seniors, through various fun, creative and spiritual activities, as well as their overall quality of life, preventing their institutionalization.

Activities offered by assisted living facilities Denver Rosemark

Thus, in a suitable space, familiar and comfortable, seniors have the opportunity to spend their time in a pleasant and useful way, being offered a wide range of activities, such as:

  • various board games – chess, domino, rummy
  • music therapy – seniors can listen to the music they like; they may also have the opportunity to play Karaoke, which helps create a distinct atmosphere
  • watching different movies
  • artistic activities, such as presentation of small theatrical scenes
  • language lessons
  • dance
  • thematic competitions (the most beautiful poetry, the most beautiful table decorated for the holidays season etc.)
  • occupational therapy (knitting, embroidery, doll making, handmade greeting cards, beading etc.)
  • walking, hiking and other exercising options

Most Denver assisted living facilities also have different recreational areas, such as libraries, fitness rooms, games rooms, pools, where seniors can spend as much time as they like.

Common Care Offered by Nursing Homes

If we do not take the hospitals into consideration, Denver nursing homes provide the most extensive care for patients who need permanent assistance with eating, getting dresses, bathing etc. Services include permanent medical monitoring and treatments. Some services can be provided by specially trained professionals (speech therapists, respiratory therapists etc.).

nursing homes in Denver provide quality care

There are standard services, as well as optional services that typically vary from facility to facility. They may include:

  • 24-hour emergency care
  • permanent personal care
  • medication monitoring
  • recreational activities
  • orthopedic care
  • breathing treatments
  • nutritional counseling
  • social work services etc.

Most nursing homes in Denver provide respite care, hospice care, as well as end-of-life care.

Choosing a nursing home depends on the level of the provided services, among other factors. You will have to do some research and evaluation work, talk to families and caregivers about different facilities, review the services they offer, visit them, calculate your budget, ask about Medicare and only then pick up one facility that meets all the needs of your loved one who will be moved there.

If possible, you should not let all this for the very last moment, because some nursing homes may not have vacancies, while others have special admission requirements.

How Can I Find Respite Care

Respite care is a type of temporary institutionalized care provided for the sick and the elderly in order to temporarily relieve the patient’s usual caregiver of caring duties.

respite care assisted living Denver facility

There are many Denver facilities that provide respite care services, including permanent respite care assisted living Denver facilities that focus on around the clock living care services. The first step in finding respite care for your elderly loved one is to get the patient’s needs assessed – finding the most suitable facility is possible only through a detailed assessment of the patient’s physical condition and needs. The following step is to identify the type of the care needed – respite care is provided by day care centers, but it is available in the form of residential care or as a short stay in a senior living facility.

If you need respite care for your loved one, you also need to check the financial aspects and the aspects related to the duration of the special care – you might be eligible for funding at local level or might be able to find care services provided by non-profit organizations for a small fee or free of charge. You must also take into consideration that the facilities that provide respite care services might not be able to provide a place on short notice, so try to plan for as long ahead as you can.

Tips for Improving Your Memory

Rosemark offers memory care living options

Forgetfulness is something that all of us experience, especially in busy periods, when our life gets hectic and unpredictable. However, if you consider that your memory is poor even in periods when you are not busy or stressed, here are some things that you can do to improve the situation:

  • Lifestyle changes – your diet and the amount of exercise that you get has an impact on your memory. Reducing the added sugar that you consume with your food, eliminating stimulants, such as caffeine and alcohol, replacing fatty food with lean meat, especially with fish are all beneficial for your memory and so is regular, moderate exercise, such as daily brisk walks around the block;
  • Meditation – the practice has lots of proven, positive health effects, including sharper memory;
  • Getting quality sleep – getting refreshing sleep of sufficient duration is also essential for good memory. Sleep has a proven role in consolidating short-term memories and transforming them into long-term memories, so try to improve the quality of the sleep you get. Physical exercise and a cleaner diet will be beneficial for the quality of your sleep and you can also ensure that your nightly rest is refreshing by avoiding digital devices a couple of hours before bedtime and by setting the thermostat in your bedroom to lower temperatures for the night.
  • If you find that despite improving your diet, exercise, and sleep patterns you continue to exhibit memory problems, talk to you family and medical doctor. If problems continue to occur, consult with the memory care experts at for expert advice on long term living facilities.

Tips for Minimizing Everyday Stress

Stress is everywhere around us, it is so much part of our day to day life that it cannot be completely excluded. However, there are various methods that we can use to minimize it – here are some tips that apply to people of all ages:

  • Reduce the amount of stimulants – coffee, black tea, alcohol and nicotine all stimulate the nervous system. Many people have the illusion that having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine helps them unwind, but the truth is that all these substances make it more difficult for the brain to relax and to take a step back before making important decisions;

assisted living facilities in Denver offer a variety of fitness activities

  • Exercise regularly – physical activity is the best way to reduce stress. The chemicals released by the brain during exercising counter the effects of the chemicals released during stressful situations, so sweating on the treadmill or jumping that stress off in an aerobics class are great ways to unwind; Quality assisted living facilities in Denver offer a variety of fitness activities to keep aging seniors active.
  • Get more sleep – stress usually comes with poor sleep quality. Try to eliminate any stimulation a couple of hours before sleep – turn off the TV and the computer and try to stay away from your phone and from sugary or energy-rich foods. These lifestyle changes might seem hard in the beginning, but the positive effects come almost instantaneously.

Great Exercising Routines for Seniors

exercise is recommended at assisted living Denver facilities

Exercising is not something impossible to do for seniors – even for the elderly who suffer from mobility issues, the right type of exercise is beneficial for the body as well as for the soul. Here are some tips about great and enjoyable exercising that can be safely introduced into any daily assisted living Denver activities schedule:

  • Exercises for the core muscles – if sit-ups and other, strenuous ab exercises are too difficult because of reduced muscle strength and back problems, contracting the abdominal muscles while sitting on a chair or while laying down is an efficient alternative;
  • Wall push-ups – push-ups can be very efficient not only when they are done the way we are all familiar with, from a plank position. They can be done standing as well, placing the hands on the wall and bending the elbows to lower the body toward the wall;
  • Toe taps – this is an excellent exercise to train the muscles of the lower legs, to improve blood circulation in the legs and to increase the mobility of the ankles. The exercise is done sitting on a chair – all you need to do is to place your feet flat on the floor, then to lift the toes as high as possible.