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Making Thanksgiving Special for Your Grandparents

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated by the entire family together and an excellent opportunity to express your love and gratitude towards the seniors of the family, your grandparents. Here are some tips from skilled nursing facility Denver caregivers to make the family gathering special for your elderly loved ones:

  • Involve them into the preparations – your grandma will surely be happy to help you with time-tested kitchen tricks and to aide with the decoration process, while grandpa spends time with the boys, walking down memory lane;
  • Display their favorite decorations – most elderly people have old decorations that are held in great value and that bring back memories that are told over and over again. Use those objects to complete your holiday decorations and to make your grandparents feel really at home;
  • Take your grandparents to a place that they wish to see –most elderly people suffer from not being able to visit the places they are interested in because of their limited mobility or their inability to drive. Take your grandparents to see a place they have been longing to see – the weather might be chilly on Thanksgiving Day and during the weekend following it, but spending time and having fun together is surely a heartwarming experience for everyone.

What Are the Best Ways to Remember Your Family Veterans on Fourth of July?

Remembering Veterans in Senior Living Centers on Fourth Of July

The 4th of July is a time when families remember their veterans and attend patriotic community events about the Independence of the United States. This Independence Day, you will definitely want to get involved in your local community events, but it’s equally important to remember your own family’s veterans even those staying in senior living Denver centers and the contribution they made for keeping their country safe.


Anyone who has parents or grandparents who have fought or died in WWII or in the wars of Vietnam or Korea can relate to the special meaning that the 4th of July holds. Although it’s not Veterans’ Day, it’s still one of the most meaningful and important patriotic holidays in the United States, and it warrants calling the family together for a special meal.


To celebrate the veterans in your family, you can consider a 4th of July themed barbecue or family dinner with all the traditional foods that are normally prepared in your area during the event, and with a few additions that your family’s veterans used to enjoy.


Of course, celebrating your family veterans shouldn’t be exclusively about family members who have died while in service of their country. Veterans who have fought in the Gulf war or in Afghanistan should also be celebrated for their brave efforts and outstanding contributions to supporting their country’s safety and well being.

Helpful Steps to Find the Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Parents

assisted living facilities in Denver help care for the elderly

Whether your parents are already struggling to take proper care of themselves, or you are trying to plan ahead for when things get tough, looking for luxury assisted living facilities in Denver can definitely be a good idea. But what is it exactly that you should be looking for? The following tips will help you find out:

  • First it’s a good idea to find out more about the assisted living facilities in your local area. Keeping your parents close is important, so you can visit them often and be able to get to the facility at short notice.
  • Keep close track of your parents’ needs. Do they require assistance with basic tasks, or can they take care of those by themselves? Do they have memory problems? Maybe they need help with physical therapy or taking their medicine. All these details have to be accounted for well before you start searching for a facility.
  • What is your pricing range and what are the amenities you are expecting to find at the facility? In most cases, you get what you pay for, but you’ll find some of the more hospitable facilities can offer advanced services at a lower cost.

Regardless of the type of assisted living facility you’re looking for, keeping track of these important details will be entirely essential, if you want your parents to be safe and comfortable in the long run.

Thoughtful Gifts for Grandpa on Father’s Day – What You Need to Look for

assisted living Denver Whether it’s your father, your grandfather or your father in law, dads deserve to be treated in a special way during Father’s Day. But what gifts should you consider getting Grandpa during his special day, and where should you start looking? The following tips from assisted living Denver caretakers should help:

  • There’s no clear cut rule about what older people would like as gifts. Many prefer not to ask for anything, or they’d even refuse to accept a gift in the first place. However, if you make a list of what they really like and start searching for specific, meaningful gifts, then they’re likely to accept your present each and every time.
  • Give the gift of time – a family picnic, a walk, a card game etc.
  • Some of the most typical gifts you can buy are watches, new ties, memorabilia and books. You can also spice up your present by either personalizing it or adding some tech to the mix – such as a DVD collection of their favorite documentaries and shows.
  • Many older people are also big on sports. You can get them a new bowling ball, some brand new golf clubs or some stylish sports gear.
  • Finally, don’t underestimate the power of appealing to their passion for driving. Many older people love to keep driving and taking care of their cars well past their 60s, so you can never go wrong with a surprise paint job, a cool backseat organizer, new air fresheners or some practical upgrades.

Celebrating Your Grandmother on Mother’s Day

 Happy Mothers Day from Rosemark

If you have a good relationship with your grandmother, Mother’s Day is a great occasion to celebrate her too.

Read on and get some inspiration about what you can do for your grandma to make her feel special.

  • Offer her a photo album full with dear memories

Print some family photos with your grandmother and her children and grandchildren. She will surely be happy to share them with her friends.

  • Have an afternoon tea together, in a fancy tea shop

Treat her with delicious finger sandwiches, cookies and tea served in fine china.

  • Treat your grandma with professional manicure and pedicure

Seniors often find difficult to groom their hands and feet because of poor eyesight or other health issues, so she will surely be happy to be all dolled up.

  • Take advantage of a beautiful may day and enjoy the great outdoors with your grandma

You can take a nice walk in the park, chat, take pictures, enjoy some ice cream and, most of all, the fresh air and spring sunshine.

If your grandmother lives in one of the luxury retirement communities in Denver, most likely there will be a special activity planned for residents and their families. you can see if that is something she would enjoy doing with you.

If none of the above ideas are applicable, you can opt for the traditional presents: candy, flowers and card. After all, the most important thing is to think about her and spend some time with her. She will be happy to receive any little sign of love from you; it will brighten her day.


Preparing to Visit Your Parents in Assisted Living Communities – What You Should Know

When preparing to see their parents for the first time after having enrolled them in an assisted living community, a lot of people don’t really know what to expect. Some are still used to the idea of what old people’s homes used to be like, while others think it’s more of a carefree living center where there isn’t much discipline or support.

The truth is synonymous to neither situation. In fact, assisted living communities have both support and discipline, but they are also flexible and carefree. Seniors who don’t need much support will not be burdened by it, while those who need it will be provided even with medical help and assistance while getting dressed, cooking, traveling or taking their medicine.

asssited living Denver community

Assisted living Denver communities support an active lifestyle and are often home to seniors who are very active both physically and socially. So, when you visit the community, make sure you keep in mind that your senior parents are not likely to expect their children to visit them feeling pity for them or trying to make them feel comforted.

In most cases, the only thing you need to bring is a smile, some memories from your families and children (or just bring the children along for the visit), and make sure you’re ready to spend a few fun and relaxing hours in a place where you’ll feel totally welcome and at home.