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Skilled nursing facilities provide complete care to frail and ill elderly persons. Their staff is trained to offer help with activities of daily living (ADL), such as bathing and dressing, as well as medical care. In this context, taking an elderly parent out of the facility for a visit can pose several difficulties.

Here are the issues you need to consider:

  • Whether Your Parent Needs Special Care

Is your parent dependent on the staff for ADL or can they manage on their own? If they are too frail, you will have to assist them with every single task. Also, you should consider the risk of accident. In nursing facilities, bathrooms are adapted with special seats and handles for frail residents. In their absence, you should constantly keep an eye on your parent to avoid injury. Talk to knowledgeable skilled nursing facility Denver care givers to make sure your home is equipped for the needs of your parent.

  • Do They Suffer from Cognitive Problems?

Patients with cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s can get confused and frightened when they are out of a known environment. You should discuss with the staff of the nursing facility and find out whether the visit would be a pleasant surprise or an upsetting experience for your parent.

  • Can You Follow the Treatment Plan at Home?

If your parent is undergoing medical treatment, find out whether it requires trained staff or you can give it to them at home. For instance, if the treatment consists of taking pills, you can handle it. If it involves injections or IV drips, you need to bring in a certified nurse.

Ensure that you are following Covid safety protocol at all times.

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