In general, all board games are beneficial to couples, families, but also to individuals, because besides providing entertainment, they actually enhance mental health.

A recent study revealed that brain stimulation with games like cards, rummy, crossword puzzles, escape room board games etc. is very beneficial for the brain. Older people who participated in such activities at least once a week for 20 years reduced the risk of dementia by 7 percent. When searching for active senior living Denver facilities, be sure to look for ones that offer a variety of brain boosting activities and physical exercise senior living Denver

Board games stimulate the brain areas responsible for the complex formation of thinking and memory, which results in the development of some essential cognitive skills (e.g. problem solving and decision making).

Laughter is a kind of “side effect” of board games and also one of the basic ingredients of creativity and well-being, because laughter and fun generally help reduce stress, which is beneficial for the good functioning of the brain. Playing board games triggers the body to release endorphins (which are known as the happiness hormones); these are natural substances of the body that induce well-being. Perceived as a positive emotion, the “hormones of happiness” have the power to improve the conscious and unconscious functions of the mind, making the person feel happy, more compassionate and also more satisfied with their life.