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Helpful Tips for Getting Along with Your Retirement Community Neighbors

If you just moved to a retirement care community or an assisted living center, you might have neighbors you don’t necessarily see eye to eye with. Or alternatively, you might be the type who likes to relax with a good book, rather than get too friendly with the neighbors.

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Regardless of what your reasons might be, keeping yourself isolated and maintaining your privacy might be a very important thing for you. If that’s the case, consider the following tips for getting along with your retirement community neighbors:

  • Greet them amicably without lengthening the small talk too much. However, make sure when you say “good day,” you actually mean it.
  • Keep eye contact and make sure your neighbor knows that they can rely on you. For that purpose, small gestures like letting them borrow some sugar or a bottle opener might be suitable.
  • Consider sharing one or two of your hobbies with them, if they are interested. You can always put it out there in casual conversation, and see if they have a similar hobby that you can talk about on occasion.

Even though you might prefer to be alone, it’s important to follow these tips in order to maintain friendly or at least cordial relations with your .neighbors. After all, you never know when you might need each other, or when the ripe opportunity arises to make a new friend. For more ideas regarding retirement living, look at

How to Go About Looking for Senior Living Communities in 2019

So 2018 has passed, and you’re searching for a viable option for a senior living community where you can take your elderly parent. Despite the fact that a traditional home might not be out of the question, there are actually many other options you might want to consider before making any kind of decision on the matter.

Senior living has evolved a great deal since the 1980s and 90s. Nowadays, there are a number of different types of senior centers that can provide seniors with as much support and freedom as they require.

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If your elderly parent is not yet in need of nurses to give them their medicine, help them get dressed or to assist them with driving and daily chores, then an independent living community might be the best suited option for them. These communities allow seniors to live in relative freedom with their peers and only receive minimal care.

Assisted living is a better option if your elder has the need for some kind of assistance, as stated above. Whether they need help with their laundry, or they forget things easily, an assisted living center is a great option for them to retain their freedom and still get the care they need.

Alternatively, for seniors who can’t take proper care of themselves any longer, there are continuous care skilled nursing facility Denver options that will provide them with all the support and care they require.

Popular Books for Seniors – Genres and Topics

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Reading is among one of the favorite pass-time activities for senior living Denver retirees – whether they prefer to read in the traditional form, holding the book in their hands, they like using the computer or a mobile device, such as a tablet or a laptop or they prefer listening to books read aloud by famous actors in the form of audio materials, books are an important source of entertainment for the older generations. However, not all genres are favorites with seniors – here are some that enjoy great popularity among them:

  • Romantic novels – ladies just love beautiful, romantic, old-fashioned love stories with happy endings;
  • History books – books that offer a detailed account of an era, such as World War II, are also very popular among seniors;
  • Classics – whether American classic novels or important works of world literature, classics will never lose their popularity;
  • Poetry – poems are great favorites and not only among the ladies, but among the gentlemen as well;
  • Whodunits – crime stories, thrillers and murder mystery stories are also the preferred choice of the elderly;
  • Espionage novels – these captivating stories are also the preferred choice of the senior generation, especially the ones that deal with the Cold War period.

Why Are Succulents Good Plants For Seniors

Succulents, such as aloe vera, cacti, even orchids, are great plants for seniors. These spectacular, famously low-maintenance plants thrive well even if they are not paid too much attention, but great looks and modesty are not the only features that make these plants suitable for the elderly:

  • They tolerate dry indoor air well for long periods;
  • They don’t require any special attention – succulents don’t need to be fertilized with special substances, what’s more, during their long dormant periods they need hardly any care at all;
  • They look great – most succulents are of a strong, healthy green color and when they bloom, they surprise and amaze with flowers of the most beautiful, bright colors, such as shades of red, orange, purple, white, yellow, even blue and pink;
  • They strive well anywhere in the home – whether you want to keep your succulent on the window sill, you want to hang it by a hook or you want to keep it on a shelf in the bookcase, the plant will thrive well and bring you lots of joy;
  • They clean the air – succulents are great for improving the quality of the air in the room by pulling contaminants to the roots of the plant and by keeping the humidity in the air at optimal levels.
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Popular retirement communities in Denver offer a variety of activities and learning opportunities for their residents. Activities such as gardening, fitness, games, cards, reading, and trips to various local places of interest keep retirees engaged and active.

Removing the Stigma of Old Age

Aging is an inevitable, natural process – there are lots of methods to postpone the appearance of the first signs of passing time, but each of us will experience them sooner or later. Modern Western society’s concern with aging has led not only to the emergence of techniques that try to halt time, but also to the stigmatization of old age, to regarding seniors with a certain disapproval – an attitude that prevents younger people from establishing strong, meaningful relationships with their elderly relatives and that makes the process of aging very difficult to cope with for the elderly.

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The best way to remove the stigma of old age is by communicating openly with our seniors. They might have difficulties moving around and they might be experiencing a certain mental slowing as well, but they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that can unfold and reveal itself through talking. Finding caring nursing homes in Denver is important to them and their families. Real, deep, self-revealing conversations with seniors is the best way to find out what they want and break down the biases that many younger people have and also the best way to convince seniors that they are still important members of their smaller and larger community, of their family, of their neighborhood, that their knowledge and their presence is valuable.