Why Would Someone Need A Skilled Nursing Facility

Skilled nursing facilities are somewhat different from other types of senior care homes. Here are some of the most important features of skilled nursing to help you decide whether this type of care is what your elderly loved one needs:

  • Rehabilitation – skilled nursing homes in Denver provide rehabilitative care for people who are recovering after an illness, an accident or after a surgery – people who do not need permanent care, but need assistance after having been treated in a hospital for an acute condition;

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  • The duration of stay – skilled nursing facilities being mostly for people recovering after hospital care, the stay of the patients who are enrolled in Medicare is covered for up to 100 days, but will incur some costs after the first 20 days of care. The residents who need skilled nursing care will be responsible for all costs after the first 100 days of care;
  • Care providers – while in a nursing home, the principal care givers are typically non-medical workers, skilled nursing facilities focus on the recovery of the residents, therefore the range of principle care givers is much more specialized and might include not only registered nurses, but medical doctors, rehabilitation specialists, speech pathologists and audiologists.

What Are The Top 3 Questions I Should Look For When Picking A Nursing Home For A Family Member

If your elderly loved one can no longer live alone and the decision has been made to move to a nursing home, the next hard task is picking the right home. If you talk to friends, coworkers and acquaintances, you will learn that there are many facilities in your area, but not all of them offer the same level of care, so you will need to visit and evaluate the available places very carefully to find the most suitable one. skilled nursing facility Denver

Here are three very important aspects to consider when examining and evaluating a skilled nursing facility Denver residence:

  • The services provided – if your loved one suffers from illnesses or conditions that require special care, such as diabetes or dementia, check whether the place you are evaluating is able to cater for those special needs. Checking the quality of the meals served to the residents and the cleanliness of the skilled nursing facility common areas as well as of the rooms is also essential;
  • The medical staff – the number of nurses and doctors in each shift is also essential, so make sure to find out how many professionals work at the facility and how they are distributed in shifts;
  • Talk to the residents – finding out the residents’ opinions about living in the facility is also important, so try to start conversations with them.

What Is The Difference Between A Nursing Home And Assisted Living

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If you need to find a facility for an aging loved one because living alone is no longer safe for your relative, you will see that the available senior living options offer various levels of care and also go by different names. The two main categories that you will find are nursing homes and assisted living facilities – here are some of the most important differences that set them apart:

  • Medical services – nursing homes provide round the clock medical care, therefore they are the best options for people who suffer from severe illnesses or conditions that make it impossible for them to take care of themselves, such as dementia. By contrast, assisted living facilities are for people who require custodial care in the form of some help moving around or assistance with daily chores, such as bathing or taking medication;

Facility layout – Because residents of nursing homes are more dependent upon care than the more independent assisted living Denver residents, nursing homes take a more hospital-like appearance, while assisted living places are usually comprised of individual apartments. In a nursing home, two or more residents might share a room, while in an assisted living home, the residents usually have an apartment for themselves

Great Games to Keep your Mind Healthy

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As we become older, we can no longer hope for the recovery of neurons or their multiplication, but it has been found that the number of connections that neurons have with each other is even more important than their number, being able to support the proper functioning of the brain. According to memory care nursing homes in Denver, there are many smart and fun games that will keep your mind healthy.

  1. Scrabble

There are studies according to which regular Scrabble players do much better in the field of oratory (the ability that allows you to unravel the words presented in a vertical form) and are better at delivering verbal answers.

  1. Chess

There are a lot of studies showing that playing chess on a regular basis can significantly improve your mental abilities. Chess teaches you to think logically, to develop strategies and to improve your memory.

  1. Match the colors

The games requiring you to match the colors are those in which the color must be associated with the meaning of an object. This is quite complicated and will cause a real stretching exercise to your brain.

  1. Mental speed tests

Your ability to make quick decisions based on the environment around you is crucial in most aspects of life and at any age. Challenge your own abilities by playing certain games that test your reflexes. How fast can you manage to match two images of the same kind? Or determine the direction of a single object inside a set of objects?

Things to do with Your Parents at Their Senior Living Home

Many people who relocate to senior living communities learn to adjust and enjoy the time in their new homes, experimenting new activities and making new friends.  However they will feel more stable and safer if you make a habit visiting your loved one at their senior living home.senior living activities

There are many things you can do together, during your visit.

  1. Crafts

Crafts are a great way to exercise your creativity and produce something beautiful, especially when you are in good company.   You and your parent can start by exploring websites that provide senior-friendly craft ideas and then decide what you are going to do together.  For example you can work on some decorations for your parent`s home, or create handmade presents for the next holidays. Many senior living centers, like Rosemark At Mayfair Park, offer a variety of activities and classes for their residents. Check with senior center activity directors to see if they have craft suggestions.

  1. Play games

Seniors love board games, so grab some new games with different themes and have fun!  Games are also great for people with cognitive diseases, although,  in this case,  you will have to stick to those with simpler rules, which your parent  can understand and remember.

  1. Teach your parent to use technology

You can help your parent becoming familiar to using their phone or tablet in order to keep in touch with you and other family members who live away.  Many will soon get addicted!