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In some cases, long-term care insurance policies subsidize three basic levels of long term care.

The first one is skilled care, which has the purpose of treating illnesses and injuries. It has to be prescribed by a physician and performed by licensed medical personnel as well as professional therapists and registered nurses, who establish treatment plans for the patients and work according to them.

The next level of long term care is the intermittent and rehabilitative, which is considered an intermediate care level. Services are provided by registered or licensed practical nurses and nurse’s aides, who work under the supervision of a physician.

Finally, the third level of long term care is custodial care, which is designed to assist with people`s daily activities, including, eating, bathing and getting dressed. This type of care can be provided employees without professional medical skills, if their activity is supervised by a physician.Rosemark At Mayfair Park

Long term care can be provided in different facilities such as esteemed Rosemark At Mayfair Park, but also at home. However, most of the services are provided in nursing homes, where patients can be permanently kept under observation, especially if their care includes physical and/ or intravenous therapy. Home health care makes sense only if you are in the process of recovering from an injury/ illness and do not need 24-hour care.