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How to Prepare Your Family for That Assisted Living Discussion

If you have a big family, with grandparents, adults and children of all ages, it can be a little difficult to approach a typically sensitive topic such as having your elderly parents move to an assisted living center. Although assisted living is not as strict and as restrictive as a nursing home, the general idea of what a nursing home is might still stay the same as it was with most people, especially the elderly.

The main thing to do is to first discuss the matter in private with the elders. Present them with the facts, and show them what the options are. If the assisted living center is nearby, tell them that and show them how you can make frequent visits to see them. Also, present the benefits from their perspective, such as the option for a sociable elder to meet new like minded people to talk to.

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When discussing the matter with your family, be gentle with their children. They may have gotten used to having grandma or grandpa around the house, so the last thing they want to hear is that their favorite grandparent needs to move out. Try to discuss the matter with your elders so they can present it as them making the choice to move out as if going on a personal adventure.

Also, be sure to stress the fact that the family bonds don’t have to be broken once your parents are established in their new home away from home. In fact, assisted senior living Denver centers have an excellent reputation for allowing families to interact and visit each other far more often than they could in a regular nursing home.

How to Start the Conversation About Assisted Living with Your Family?

If you have elderly family members, there will come a time when you simply have to start discussing the option of an assisted living arrangement. Even if your senior family members can still generally take care of themselves, they might require more help. If you and your children are constantly away from home, at some point it can become an unsustainable situation in which your elder mom or dad might even be in danger because of their inability to take proper care of themselves.

Assisted living is somewhat of a boundary point between living independently and living in a nursing home. Assisted living Denver options are fairly flexible, as there are elders who receive therapy and support with their medicine, while others are almost entirely independent.

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Starting the conversation about assisted living will, of course, not be easy. The main thing to do, however, is to be straightforward and to discuss the matter as an adult, while your parent is still able to make lucid choices. If they suffer from a disease like Alzheimer or dementia, then those lucid moments could become more and more rare as time goes by.

It might be painful at first, but going about it in a straightforward and mostly direct way will save a lot of time and show your elderly parents that you are responsible. They will also appreciate the honesty and your willingness to discuss things with them and listen to their input as well. If you put yourself in their shoes, you will quickly realize that you would want your children to do the same, rather than to just make all the decisions for you when you reach old age.

Do Senior Living Centers in Denver Have Activities?

When you are assessing various senior living centers in Denver for an elderly loved one, you want to make sure that they will live a full life. This means more than just being fed, clothed and receiving medical care.

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The best assisted living facilities in Denver offer their residents a full range of activities:

  1. Physical Activities

The physical activities are tailored for the elderly. They are not too strenuous, but they encourage them to have an active life. This is one of the ways to prolong their lives, after all. Physical activities offered at assisted living facilities in Denver may include tai chi, walking, swimming, band, weight, or chair exercises, or gardening.

  1. Mental Activities

An active mind is stronger and less likely to fall prey to dementia and other old age related issues. To keep residents healthy, senior living centers offer them memory games, board games as well as quizzes that require thinking.

  1. Educational Activities

It is never too late to learn something new. In senior living centers in Denver your loved one may choose to learn cooking, dancing, painting or gardening. There are also workshops for people who want to continue their hobbies, such as various crafts, and teach other residents, as well.