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The Best Ways to Connect with Your Family Member in an Assisted Living Center

The pandemic has taken away a lot of the closeness that we used to take for granted before all the restrictions came in place. Fortunately, technology allows us to still keep in touch with our loved ones, in spite of everything that’s been happening in the world.

Depending on the assisted living facility that your senior parent is in, you might be able to visit them more often than most. There are certain assisted living Denver safety protocols in place, of course, but it’s still possible to visit people as long as you take the proper precautions.

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That being said, it’s usually best not to wait for visiting hours, if you can keep in touch through a smartphone, tablet or some other means of technological communication.

The easiest way to communicate is by phone. Make sure your senior parent has a modern smartphone that can support Skype, FaceTime or similar video conferencing apps, and teach them how to use them. You can also provide them with a new tablet that can either act as a replacement if the phone doesn’t work, and can also allow them to see the images and writing more closely, if they have bad eyesight.

The goal is to make sure they have the means to contact you and that they become efficient in using their technology. These devices can also help them get informed, watch movies and keep in touch with their friends during a time when alternative means of communication and maintaining closeness from afar is key to our mental and physical health.

Is a Senior Living Facility Really Safe for Family Members During a Pandemic?

You might have considered placing your senior parent in a senior living facility before the pandemic, but have held out to see what happens. It’s true that in some areas, the quarantines are pretty severe and many seniors are basically stuck where they are – either in senior living or in regular nursing homes. However, as long as you can find a dependable senior living Denver facility, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a good idea.

Nursing homes in Denver

In many ways, nursing homes in Denver can be even safer than keeping your aging family member at home.

Nursing homes in Denver offer complete care with onsite medical staff, access to proper medication, and treatment solutions. Also, in the event that a resident is discovered to have COVID, the facility will enact appropriate quarantining procedures to make sure that other seniors, including your parent, will not be affected.

Of course, neglect and wrongful conduct is always a possibility, and with people getting so stressed out because of the pandemic, it’s more likely to happen now than ever before. As a result, before taking your aging parent to a senior living facility, it’s very important to check the facility out yourself, do some research into its background, talk to people who have had experience with it, and compare its services, prices and benefits with what you could enjoy at a different senior facility.

Is a Senior Living Facility a Better Choice in the City vs. the Country?

The countryside is a great place to choose a senior living facility for your elderly parents. There’s fresh air, a better view and possibly even friendlier people. However, if you live in the city, being cut off from them by hundreds of miles of countryside isn’t really a good idea. For instance, planning a trip can take a lot of time, and they might not even be able to see their grandchildren all that often, especially on school weeks.

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A city neighborhood senior living Denver facility is usually better for a number of reasons:

  • It’s easier to visit more frequently, if you live in the city.
  • The facility might be better equipped, and it could also have better staff.
  • In the event of an emergency, the ambulance can arrive to take your loved ones to a nearby hospital within minutes.
  • Should there be any type of issue or emergency, you can arrive on the scene quickly and possibly even move your parent out of there to find a new senior center, if necessary.

Of course, not all of these benefits apply to every senior center, and sometimes being in the country is better – especially if your house is located nearby as well. Overall, however, taking your loved ones to a city-based senior living center is usually considered the best choice.

Is It Better to Go to a Large Assisted Living Center or a Smaller One?

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As you look to select an assisted living center for your loved one, you’ll find that there are many important details to consider. Each assisted living center in part will have its own set of pros and cons, and many of both of these will have to do with whether the center is large or small.

In the case of larger assisted living centers, there is always the benefit that there’s more staff, a greater community, a more accessible location and better facilities and conditions; and all of these are considered to be great assets. However, this isn’t always the case. Many seniors living in these types of centers complain that they don’t get enough attention from the busy staff and that the center is even understaffed. Others don’t really like how crowded it is, and they suggest they’d prefer a smaller center where there is more peace.

Smaller centers usually have less workload, but they can still be understaffed. Fortunately, in a smaller assisted living center, the staff can cover for each other more easily, and their overall workload isn’t as bad. Also, there are fewer residents, so the staff and the residents can interact and form a tightly knit community without feeling overwhelmed. Even better, you’ll find that there is always a place you can go to where nobody will disturb you and you can get some genuine peace and quiet.

For more points to consider, speak to Rosemark At Mayfair Park medical care specialists. They can offer you unique insight based on their extensive working knowledge and experience.

How to Determine the Level of Training of the Staff in Assisted Living Facilities

Because they are still technically responsible for the health of the senior citizens who live in their centers, assisted living and nursing home staff members are required to abide by certain standards when it comes to their training. Proper training can range from basic interaction with people to full qualifications as a nurse and everything else in between. So, as the relative of a senior who lives in the assisted living center, it’s important that you find out what type of training the staff has, and whether that’s good enough to entrust them with the task of taking care of your elderly parent.

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A skilled nursing facility Denver medical team confirms that the training requirements themselves can be quite extensive. Depending on the type of staff, you won’t expect much, for example, from the administrator or managers. The kitchen staff, however, has to be trained in preparing food for people suffering from various types of diseases. For instance, knowing the sugar content and GI levels associated with food meant for diabetics is a pretty big deal.

Medical and non-medical staff who work closely with the seniors need additional training in helping people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, as well as proper first aid training and essential training in autonomy, dignity and privacy. The latter are very important points without which no senior center or nursing or assisted living center will be able to function properly.