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The Importance of Having Indoor and Outdoor Garden Areas in Assisted Living Facilities

When touring an assisted living facility, visitors are often impressed at all the various benefits and activities that seniors are exposed to. However, it’s easy to forget about the importance of having proper areas for elders to gather and interact with each other and with the staff in a friendly manner.

The top assisted living Denver facilities will have both indoor and outdoor areas specifically designed with that in mind. They will have chairs and tables, gardens and indoor lobbies where elders can relax, read newspapers, talk, FaceTime their family members or just walk around and enjoy looking at the flowers and the natural scenery.

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Even if the facility itself isn’t that big, and there’s not much space to move around, proper décor and the right amenities will make the place look and feel great. Ask the staff to show you all the social areas of the facility and to describe the events and activities that are being organized on a regular basis.

That way, you’ll have a better idea as to whether or not your aging parent will actually like it there, and whether you should consider the facility or move on to see another one. Most of the time, it helps a lot to have a general idea about a number of different assisted living facilities, before making up your mind about which one to choose.

Why Should You Move to an Assisted Living Facility with Your Pet or Certified Service Animal?

Assisted living centers might provide a lot of different services for seniors who wish to move there. However, if you have your own service animal, then that’s one service you won’t need them to give you. Instead, you can simply move into your new place with your certified service animal instead of having to be separated from them.

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A lot of elders are very attached to their pets or service animals. The great thing about premier retirement communities in Denver is that you don’t have to give them up. Pets are often welcome as long as you can take care of them, and many assisted living facilities even have large gardens, places for pets to play and even facilities to help you feed and take care of them.

Having a certified service animal will also help you with your transition living in a strange new place, where even though the people might be very friendly, it’s simply not the same as when you were living with your family.

All in all, moving in with your pets will provide you with a great way to transition to a new living space and a new routine, and it might even help you make new friends more easily.

Questions to Ask When Touring an Assisted Living Facility

When you’re picking out a Denver assisted living community for your elderly parent, there are a lot of important things to keep track of. In most cases, the staff will allow you a lot of freedom while touring the facility, since they will want you to feel safe about bringing your senior parent there. However, it’s definitely important to keep an eye out for red flags and make sure that the facility is going to be good enough for your beloved parent:

  • The most important thing to keep track of is how staff members interact with seniors. While you’re inside to take a look at the interior as part of the tour, ask about how the assisted living facilities Denver staff handles emergencies, disputes or problems between the seniors, and try to detect if the answer is too vague or if you sense a tone of uncertainty or nervousness when they answer your question.
  • Check to see how clean everything is. Ask about the building and whether it needs renovation work, and inquire about who handles the cleaning and maintenance work. Do they have issues with the wiring, plumbing or electronics?
  • Finally, make sure your elderly parent has everything they need. Check out the gym, ask about social activities that might be organized, and most importantly, ask about the facility’s policy with regards to allowing seniors to move around freely, if they are able to.

How Do Assisted Living Facilities Maintain a Sense of Family?

Assisted living facilities are definitely a big success. More than 90% of all elders who live in assisted living homes say that they are happy with the service and with the atmosphere that they were faced with once they joined. In fact, many say that they felt more at home there than they actually did with their kids and grandchildren.

Rosemark At Mayfair Park

The reason why Rosemark At Mayfair Park assisted living facilities are so popular is because they aim to create the atmosphere of a real family. They do that through a number of methods:

  1. Rosemark facilities have areas where the community members can gather, talk and share. The staff often joins in, and everyone has a good time. If you want to engage with the others, you have plenty of opportunities, and if you want to just read your newspaper and enjoy your morning coffee in peace, you can do so as well.
  2. Group activities, trips and experiences often form bonds that are as strong as real family connections. You can enjoy everything from joint activities like painting and crafting together, to trips to local landmarks, weekend hiking trips and much more.

There are also a lot of facilities and amenities that will help you meet new friends and bring the community closer together. Gyms are a good example, and some assisted living centers also have swimming pools, large patio areas, ornate lobbies and outdoor barbecues

Should You Choose a Nearby Assisted Living Community for Your Parent?

You’ll hear it just about everywhere: assisted living is a great alternative to regular old people’s homes that seniors actually love. Your aging parent might have even agreed already to go live in an assisted living community, as it might actually give them more freedom and the ability to meet new friends. However, it’s still very hard to separate from your loved ones like that, and you might want to take that into account.senior living Denver

Assisted living is great as long as you manage to find a local senior living Denver community, where you can visit your parent as often as possible. If you don’t always have the time to drive to a faraway place because of your job or having to take care of your own children and family, then having your parent nearer to you can help a great deal.

Not only can you visit, but they will be able to visit as well. If they don’t yet need a lot of medical supervision or support, then chances are the staff at the assisted living facility will allow them a lot of freedom to move around. So, if the center is quite near, then they can easily visit you, or you can organize some fun times together with the entire family – either at home or at the assisted living facility.